Fintech turns camera phone into appraiser to streamline mortgage process

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Home lending fintech expands into student loan refis. The next phase of the digital mortgage revolution is starting and lenders need to use a holistic process to create their plans in order to get up to speed.

At $14 trillion (total debt outstanding, USA only), the mortgage market is about 14x bigger than either Auto Loans or Student Loans (each about $1 trillion). Yet the mortgage market has so far remained relatively immune to disruption and has been a mainstay of bank profits. We believe this is about.

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Fourth, fintech might be great for lenders but at the same time lousy for those employed by lenders. The industry today employs some 300,000 loan officers at a cost of more than $19 billion. With fintech and virtual mortgage applications we’ll need a lot fewer loan officers, a potent source of savings that lenders will obviously pursue.

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Make Way for Appraisal Technology in the Mortgage Industry There is no denying that technology is the future, and that algorithms are changing the face of a number of different professions. But a recent trend in the real estate market has some appraisers on edge.

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