The Shocking Truth 50 Years After The 1968 Fair Housing Act: The Black Homeownership Paradox

Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), and former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson, who shared their perspectives on Washington’s failure to reform the financial sector since last year’s economic catastrophe. While.

Best Companies For Mortgage Loans Top 50 Mortgage Companies The Shocking Truth 50 Years After The 1968 Fair Housing Act: The Black Homeownership Paradox – That means, despite widespread, legal housing discrimination in the 1950s and at least part of the 1960s, the number of black households that owned their own homes increased 20% from 1950.

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The Shocking Truth 50 Years After The 1968 Fair Housing Act: The Black Homeownership Paradox – If discrimination prevented some blacks from buying homes in the 1950s and 1960s, why didn’t outlawing that discrimination in. Category: First Time Home Buyer.

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Why The Black Homeownership Rate Is The Same 50 Years After The Fair Housing Act Became Law For the next few days and the rest of the year, you’ll probably see a lot of news stories about the Fair Housing Act being signed 50 years ago on April 11, 1968.

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